Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today is definitely a cleaning house smells like dogs. Normally I avoid that smell but we have been busy and didn't wash the dogs yet and need to do the carpets. I have a sniffer like a pregnant woman so its something I detect before anyone else, however anyone could smell it today. Its a gorgeous day out and we will take the dogs out to the lake later. Wish me luck since I have 4 highly active large dogs. I use a leash of course, however when we go on adventures its very exciting for them. lol We all need a good day out in the sun! Then its bath time for my Frito footed babies.

Have a great Sunday! Remember to hug your pets. <3 <3 <3

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I haven't posted for awhile. I've been busy with appointments and such. I'm getting ready to have surgery so i have had many different appointments and seminars. My head is sort of spinning with all the information floating around in my head and realizing the dietary and life changes that I will be applying to my life. BIG changes, but I'm ready. this is something i have pondered for years and I guess this is the time that God has decide for me to go through with it. the timing is perfect because of the surgery I chose and how it hasn't been accepted by most insurance companies because it was relatively new. my insurance accepts it and my doctors feel its the best choice. it seems to be the new go to surgery for this procedure. I have read hundreds of testimonies and success stories from people who have had it done. I started my liquid pre-op diet today. I was kind of shocked to see how much my supplements and protein shakes cost but its alot cheaper a month than what i was spending on regular food and eating out and snacks and sodas etc. The great news is the my husband will be doing the Atkins while i go through all of this. So my support is also right here at home. Wish me luck and stay posted as i make my life changing journey through before and after gastric surgery/gastric sleeve. I cant wait to be able to run with my dogs.